Belt Bend Conveyors

Flexible solutions

Curved Belt Bend Conveyor

The Arnott belt bend conveyor is designed for smooth and consistent conveying of small, fragile and precious products.

The conveyor allows a reliable tight transfer and enables conveying of numerous product types where available space or product direction can be an issue.

The conveyors are ideal for use in the following applications: Bakeries, Confectionary, Biscuit, Packaging, Small fragile products.

Features & Benefits

Modular Belt Bend Conveyor Solution
Modular Belt Bend Conveyor

"You’ll find our belt bend conveyors most commonly across bakery, confectionary, biscuit and fragile product applications. High levels of versatility and reliability make modular belts the natural choice across many industry sectors."

White or blue polyurethane FDA / USDA approved
Frame construction:
Stainless 304 DP1 finish
Drive chain:
Mild steel, stainless steel on request
Drive sprocket:
Mild steel, stainless on request
Nose radius:
6mm static, 8mm dynamic
Available belt widths:
200mm up to 1600mm
Available angle:
45° to 180°
Inner radius:
200mm to 1000mm (model pending)
Maximum belt speed:
50m/min (R3 outer radius)
Temperature range:
-30° to 100° C
Drive method:
Sprockets (positive drive)

The “Compact” Range of Modular Belt Bend Conveyors

Solid curve conveyor with robust close pitch plastic modular belt

Arnott Conveyors “Compact” modular belt bend is a solid plastic modular belt with a small pitch. The conveyor bends can introduce a high level of flexibility which is an asset when designing conveyor layouts. The conical roller drive and specially moulded belt overcomes the in feed and out feed length requirements normally associated with standard modular belts used in corner applications.

The smaller belt pitch optimizes the transfer to other conveyors and the smaller inner radius enables a compact design. This conveyor is ideal for numerous industry applications. The “Compact” modular belt bend has been proven to need minimal maintenance and is extremely durable and reliable. Two versions are available the “Compact” and the “Compact Light” for lower loading and speeds