Custom Solutions

Bespoke tailored solutions

Think differently

If you could design your own production line, what would you do differently?

With unlimited space, budget and time it would be possible to create the perfect production system. However, in reality, we’re all working within constraints. If you then add in a complex product application to an already challenging environment it’s likely a special purpose or custom conveyor system is needed.

Arnott Conveyors deliver a diverse range of specialist conveying equipment and machinery, when standard conveyors can’t achieve the desired outcome. Whether that’s – speed, or other spec requirements like sorting or cleaning operations.

Bespoke Conveyor Solutions

How we work

We follow a 3-step project management process, to guarantee that project outcomes, deadlines and budget is met.

1. Project Brief
Combining your knowledge with ours, working with you to understand the project requirements, applications and required specifications.
2. Design
Working with your Arnott Conveyor Project Manager and engineers, our skilled design team create concepts for your application to find the best solution. We can also offer integration options to existing machinery.
3. Manufacture
Once the concepts are signed off by you the manufacturing process begins. We manufacture to the highest standards using the best possible materials. All of our manufacturing is done here in the U.K.
4. Installation
On the installation date, our engineers will work on your site to install the new systems, efficiently with minimum disruption. Team training sessions are also offered.
5. Aftercare
The excellent service doesn’t stop after installation. If you have a problem with the new conveyor or automation system, we’ll help you solve it.
Complex Conveyor Solutions

Focus on complex conveyor systems

Recently we created combinations of belt, roller and chain conveyors in 2 and 3 deck assemblies which are used for sorting and cleaning operations. The system is versatile, rugged and capable of managing heavy loads and a wide range of applications.

Some specialist conveyor solutions: