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Fresh conveyor solutions

Fresh Produce Conveyor - Stainless Steel

As well as being competitively priced, reliable and robust – our fresh produce conveyor solutions are noted for being both simple to clean and easily portable. Several design options are available, each working seamlessly with your application and environment.

Product options include:

Product solutions:

Fresh Produce Conveyor Solution
Chilled Frozen Conveyor System

Chilled and Frozen Produce Conveyor

Handling chilled and frozen produce is an area where we’ve got plenty of experience. From dairy, ready meals, meat and poultry, we understand the unique challenges of working with ‘cold chain’ products.

Product options include:

Amongst many things, over the years we’ve worked with clients to ensure frozen products fit the full width of the belts and created flows where exit products diverge into single lanes for packaging and labeling.

If you’ve got a chilled or frozen production challenge, we can help. Contact an engineer.


Confectionary comes in all shapes and sizes, sometimes wrapped – sometimes not. Produce can be sticky or wet, often drying time needs to be considered.

We have solutions to manage sweet material handling needs across many scenarios and settings. Options include automatic or manual retracting ends, metal detector heads, quick release mechanisms, easy clean decks and belt scrapers with catch trays fitted as standard.

Product options include:

Confectionary Conveyor System
Bakery Biscuit Conveyor System

Bakery and Biscuit Conveyor

High temperatures, delicate product – bakery and biscuit lines offer their unique production challenges. With this in mind, we specialise in the handling of full open trays / skillets when they’ve left the automated pick and place cells.

We’ve designed bakery conveyor systems to work with multiple flow wrappers with the required laning control and buffer systems.

Product options include: