Modular Belt Conveyors

High versatility, low maintenance

Modular Conveyor

From food to pharmaceutical right through to logistics and supply chain, our modular belt conveyors are so robust they can withstand most applications and environments. This makes them a popular choice across many industry sectors.

Known for their reliability, modular belt conveyors create a seamless tight transfer to enable easy conveying of products when available space or product direction is limited. When space and loads permit, 90 and 180 degree turns enable products to be conveyed on winding routes through production areas.

Modular Belt Conveyor System & Solution
Inclined Conveyor Solutions

"Versatile and strong, Modular Belt Conveyors continue to be one of our most popular conveying products. Individual sections can be connected to create bespoke conveyor systems. Combine with curves or tight bends to maximise on space and efficiency."

Main Features

Key Benefits

White or blue polyurethane FDA / USDA approved
Frame construction:
Stainless 304 DP1 finish
Drive chain:
Mild steel, stainless steel on request
Drive sprocket:
Mild steel, stainless on request
Nose radius:
6mm static, 8mm dynamic
Available belt widths:
200mm up to 1600mm
Available angle:
45° to 180°
Inner radius:
200mm to 1000mm (model pending)
Maximum belt speed:
50m/min (R3 outer radius)
Temperature range:
-30° to 100° C
Drive method:
Sprockets (positive drive)

What makes Modular Belt Conveyors so popular?

These are some of the reasons our clients choose Modular Conveyors.

  • Highly flexible, offering freedom in conveyor system layout
  • Simple to customise, add individual parts quickly for minimal disruption
  • Sections are easily removed and replaced if required
  • ‘Future proof’ – update and modernise individual modules as needed.