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Powered Roller Conveyor

Our powered roller conveyors are proven to be reliable and robust, making them ideal for end of line, packing hall or palletising applications. We offer line shaft driven roller conveyors in widths of 362mm up to 1012mm.

Total line automation and flexibility can be achieved with a range of supporting accessories, including: Merge units, bends, blade stops, pack turn units, 90 degree line transfer units and zero pressure accumulation roller systems.

Powered Roller Conveyor Systems

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Pallet Conveyor Solutions

Pallet Conveyors

Pallet roller conveyors increase efficiency by taking control of empty and full pallets – to and from robot palletising / de palletising operations or straight to dispatch.

Our pallet conveyors increase output by transporting, transferring, orientating and distributing pallets.

For heavy-duty applications, we offer chain driven roller solutions handling pallets and loads weighing up to 1500 kg.