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The MS1

Spiral conveyors offer a highly effective conveyor solution when inclining or declining products in a limited space. The MS1 spirals have a compact design with a curve radius of 1.5 x the turn ratio of the belt. This allows a small footprint reducing the amount of space needed on the factory floor.

Spiral solutions are also beneficial for buffering or accumulation with line stoppages, or when short stops are required to alter machines or replace consumables such as un-erected cartons or flow wrapper rolls.

Our spiral conveyors are often found in food and drink industry applications. The design is especially beneficial here as the all-plastic contact surface ensures excellent product release of unpacked food products such as meat, fish and poultry. The open format of the conveyors gives clear access for maintenance and wash down, meaning reduced maintenance costs and better sanitation.

Spiral Conveyor Solutions

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