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ProRunner MK5 ® Vertical Conveyor

Fast and highly flexible, the ProRunner MK5 ® Vertical Conveyor has a continuous vertical loop (paternoster-style) operation, offering a capacity of 2000 products per hour. The machine is versatile in application, lifting multiple product types. The compact design means that the MK5 also easily integrates into existing production settings.

The MK5 can elevate products up to heights of 20 metres and is recognised for smooth transitions, with no ‘shock’ movements.

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ProRunner MK1 ® Vertical Conveyor

The ProRunner MK1 conveyor is recognised for its durability and robust structure and can easily handle products of up to 300 kilogrammes. The second most distinguishable thing about this conveyor is the compact size, needing only a small surface area for installation.

Chains, oiling and stretching are a thing of the past with the ProRunner MK1 conveyor. Instead, this innovative little vertical lifter is fitted with steel cables in a durable plastic casing. The cables provide silent lifting movement and also need minimal maintenance

Depending on the application, the ProRunner MK1 can be supplied with a standard roller conveyor as a product carrier. However, it is also possible to install a client-specific carrier, which then connects optimally to the client’s conveyor system.

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HighRunner ® High-Speed Palletiser HR7

The Highrunner HR7 is the fastest, most flexible palletiser from the Qimarox range. What is interesting is that the products are deposited on the pallet layer by layer with the Highrunner HR7. To do so the machine has a built-in buffer, where each formed row remains until a layer is complete. By depositing an entire layer at a time, the Highrunner HR7 needs to make fewer movements. This saves time, which increases the capacity.

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