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Pharmaceutical Products Conveyor

Conveyors play a crucial role in the manufacturing process of pharma and personal care products. Being small and lightweight, these products call for precision applications. The high volumes pharmaceuticals are manufactured at, also make speed an important factor for conveyor design. Any ‘clean room’ requirements to keep the environment sanitary need to be considered and integrated into the conveying process also.

Arnott Conveyors has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing conveyor solutions across many pharma applications, creating specialist solutions for more complex conveying processes. 

Clean room Conveyor Solutions
Medical Bottles Conveyor

Cosmetics and personal care product conveyors

For producers of premium quality cosmetics and perfumes, product appearance is equally as important as function. Makeup items like lipsticks and eyeshadow are prone to damage, whilst perfumes are commonly packaged in fragile glass bottles. The right conveyor systems will improve efficiency for delicate product lines and avoid breakages.

We also work with personal care product manufacturers handling shampoos, toothpaste and deodorants. 

Product options include: